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Our Vision

Delivering value through quality, excellence and innovation. 

Our Story

We established Axiar in 2018 to fill what we believed was a significant gap in the market.  We are strong in our values and in what we believe.  Although it can be a nice touch, we do not believe that large, upmarket offices and internal coffee carts are the ingredients to efficiencies that influence client value.  We realised that the substance of client value and the end-to-end experience was not in the aesthetics but rather in the substance of the people and that of the solution being delivered. 

We felt it fitting to name our company Axiar, derived from the Greek word "ἀξία" which translates to "value."  Delivering value for our clients is our passion - we love it and we do it well.  We achieve it by dedicating ourselves to continuous improvement and by enhancing our capabilities, knowledge and skills because we know that with each step we move forward, so too does the quality, excellence and insights we provide our clients.  

Our Mission

Continuously push the boundaries of excellence in a way that enhances the capability and potenital of our industries.


Integrity is something we will not compromise.  It is a quality that we live and breathe, always. 


Value is the very essence of why we came into existence. It is something we deliver to our clients, every time!


Through continuous improvement, we grow ourselves and enhance the service and quality we deliver to our clients and industry.


Our people are our point of different. Our people define who we are and what we can achieve. We celebrate their journey.

We believe that the ingredients for delivering excellence are proven experience, capability and competence.  However, we understand that each recipe is unique, and without knowing the recipe, the ingredients have the potential to be misused.

We are confident that we have the ingredients. And we are confident that through collaboration - understanding your purpose, vision, context, organisation and industry - we will understand your recipe.  We know that you are unique and we refuse to provide "one size fits all" solutions. 

We understand that through your journey, your needs will change and so too will the solutions that we provide you.  To ensure that we provide you with industry-leading, value-adding solutions, we ensure we are continuously improving and enhancing our ingredients. We do not believe the fundamentals are enough; we believe in kaizen "改 善" - continuous improvement and positive change.

Unique Ingredients that Continuously Improve

Delivering value through proven capability, experience and continuous learning.

Microsoft Certified Trainer 2021 to 2022 Badge
Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate Badge
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Governance Institute of Australia Member Badge
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Our Team

Axiar was founded by Theo Conias with one purpose: to deliver value to clients through quality, excellence and innovation.  To achieve this, we have structured our organisation in a manner that differentiates itself from other professional services and advisory firms.

Our team is made up of a unique network of industry leaders and SMEs that align in purpose, philosophy and values.  Our team understand that "one size" does not fit all, and we ensure that our clients have access to experts that are considered the industry leaders in their respective fields.

Theo Conias, Director

Theo Conias Director of Axiar
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