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A new way of
achieving excellence

Risk-based and business intelligence solutions that deliver value.


Let us support you in your
journey to excellence

Our solutions are unique. What others sergregate, we integrate. We offer a single solution that has been created through the concatenation of multiple service offerings as a single solution.

Why? Because it enhances, enriches and augments our the value we deliver to our clients.

Integrating internal audit, risk management and related advisory activities with advanced business  intelligence and analytics services.

Enhancing visibility, improving performance, and identifying opportunities through the concatenation of business advisory, tactical and strategic consultancy, and business performance analytics.

Risk-based analytics solutions that enhance transparency and maximise your ability to prevent, detect and respond to risk while maintaining control and ensuring accountability.

Learning solutions covering financial governance, risk management, controls, business intelligence, data analytics and risk analytics.

We are a small business that delivers big solutions.

We have designed a very effective model of operation that ensures each solution is delivered by an industry leaders using some of the most advanced technologies and platforms available.

We have delivered solutions to a vast group of clients that range from SMEs to ASX50s, LGAs to Federal Government, for-profit and not-for-profit entities throughout Queensland, Australia, and the world.  Let us join your on your journey to achieving great things!

We take pride in what we deliver to our clients, and they don't hide their appreciation!


Of our clients said that they would use us again to deliver risk advisory services.


Of our clients said they received value and insights from services delivered.


Of our clients said that the objectives and purpose of the engagement were delivered.

"… the quality of this external report was in my view outstanding. I suspect that many other HHSs’ would benefit from undertaking a similar review…

Chair of Board, Member of Audit & Risk Committee

"… It has been a pleasure to have engaged Axiar as my one of my co-source partners. The Director of Axiar, Mr. Theo Conias is one of the most gifted professionals in the assurance and internal audit sector.…."

Director Assurance & Advisory Services

"… Axiar's data analytics provided us with insights into the organisation we could not readily obtain…"

Head of Internal Audit

"… Excellent insights, great content and great presentation skills... Theo was one of the best presenters I've ever experienced...  He was simply exceptional... the best data analytics training I've attended.."

Risk Advisory Director

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